Independent Cocktail Bar, Gin Distillery, and Restaurant in Bristol

Bristol Micro Distillery

In 2016, we installed our new micro distillery in the historic cellars of The Rummer Hotel, and since then it has barely had time to cool down between distilling runs. Our main focus has been craft gin and spiced rum, as the still has been designed to allow botanicals and spices to be infused into the alcohol vapour. There have been many, many failures, and a few resounding successes. The successes are celebrated with bottling, labelling and a position on the shelves of the cocktail bar.

Craft Gin Distillery

Bristol Micro Distillery

Craft Micro distillery

Gin Distillery in Bristol

Micro Distillery in Bristol

Micro Distillery for Craft Gin


Primarily, the micro distillery is of stainless steel construction, but features some elements of brass and copper. She sits proudly in the window of our cellar bar for all to see, and to take a closer look, you only need to ask.

In addition to the special and experimental distillates, boutique gins and craft distillation created for our amusement and education, the still is also operated by the Bristol Spirit Collective to produce Bristol Dry Gin, variants, and vodka. These fine spirits are also available on our bar and Bristol Dry Gin has proved so popular that it is now our house gin. It is also possible to purchase this local craft gin by the bottle from our bar, or from their website.

Bespoke gin tastings are available in the micro distillery, as are gin making session. To discuss a group booking, please get in touch at